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7 pcs of different types of Yong Tau Fu with rice and a big bowl of soup indeed make my meal. I always have a full stomach after a meal here. $4 for the fruitful meal is indeed reasonable and cannot be found elsewhere it, else and a healthy too. The workers here are all friendly making this a very warm and welcoming environment.
Louise Pui
I have been here for so many months since then I am here most of the time. I love the food and the people here. I can say, everything that you can dream of – is all here. Just come to the shop and you know what I mean
I am a food lover, I comb all areas for good food. I am now a regular face at this shop for I am addicted to the food, which is unique and good. They have vast variety for us to choose. The price here is affordable for I can have a great feast without burning a hole in my pocket.
Jimmy Tan

What people also ask

No, it’s not hard to find halal food in Singapore. The city has many halal restaurants and food stalls. You can easily find dishes like halal chicken rice in Bukit Batok. There are also options like halal hotpot in Clementi. Even specific foods like halal mala hotpot are available. Singapore is great for enjoying diverse halal cuisines.

In Singapore, look for a halal certification logo to identify halal food. This logo means the food meets Islamic dietary standards. Many restaurants display the halal certificate clearly. You can find a variety of halal foods, like chicken rice in Bukit Batok. Ask the staff if you’re unsure about a restaurant’s halal status. Enjoy exploring Singapore’s delicious halal food options!

In Singapore, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) gives halal certification. They check if food meets Islamic dietary laws. Restaurants and food producers apply to MUIS for this certification. Once approved, they can display the halal logo. This helps you find halal food like chicken rice in Bukit Batok. Look for the MUIS halal logo to be sure.


“Halal” means food follows Islamic dietary laws. “Halal-certified” means an official body checked the food and approved it. This certification assures Muslims the food is safe to eat. Without certification, it’s hard to be sure food is truly halal. Restaurants with certification, like those serving halal chicken rice in Bukit Batok, display a logo. Look for the halal-certified logo to be certain

Food becomes halal-certified by following Islamic rules. It can’t have forbidden items like pork or alcohol. The meat must be slaughtered in a specific way by a Muslim. After slaughter, all blood should be drained from the meat. A halal-certifying body checks and approves the food. This ensures dishes like chicken rice in Bukit Batok are safe for Muslims.

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